What is the recommended methodology to determine survey questions?

The first and most important step in any research study is the development of the Question Database. To collect good data, you must have a good set of survey questions. If you don’t have a good set of questions, there is no doubt that the phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ was coined for such an…

How do I know what type of survey questions to use?

There are many types of survey questions such as ranking questions, open-ended questions, and scaled questions. How you intend to use the data will determine the type of question used. For example, if your goal is to gauge satisfaction or engagement, you may choose to use a scaled question. This type of question asks respondents…

I’m trying to put together a customer survey. What kinds of customer survey questions should I use?

Customer surveys should evaluate all points of contact between the customer and the organization. It should also evaluate several components of the product/service experience. Are products a good value, were they delivered rapidly?  How about customer service representatives?  Were they friendly?  Knowledgeable?  Every element of customer service should be assessed, with one caveat:  the company…

I want to conduct a job satisfaction survey. What kind of questions should I ask?

Job Satisfaction can be characterized as having five main components according to the Job Characteristics mode:  Skill variety, or the extent to which a job engages novel skills, Task Identity, which is the extent to which workers are able to complete a visible and distinct piece of work, Task Significance, which is the extent to…

What if I already have my own survey questions?

Your survey questions can be loaded to our platform or you can use our professional survey content. NBRI can also review and map your existing survey questions to normative survey questions.

What are normative questions?

Normative questions are professional standardized survey questions written by NBRI organizational psychologists.  Recognized as the ‘normal’ questions to ask in survey research, these questions have been tested and validated.  Each survey question is a scientific research instrument in its own right.

Does NBRI assist with question development?

Absolutely!  You may use our professional survey content or work directly with an NBRI Organizational Psychologist (Ph.D. level) to review the goals and objectives for your study and determine the most appropriate questions for your survey.  Learn more about survey design.