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FAQ: Action Planning

What kind of action planning support do you provide?

At NBRI the survey research process does not end at data collection, analysis, or reporting. The survey research process continues through taking action on the findings and implementing company-wide solutions. You may elect to include ClearPath Action training. We provide an action training interface on our platform, handbooks, and workbooks to simplify the process. Once the results are in, NBRI can present to your Executive Team and remain a resource for you and your Action Teams throughout implementation.

Should action be taken after the survey?

Have you ever collected survey data and wondered what to do with it? You’re not alone.

Survey data is interesting. It is really something to know the heart and soul of an organization, what makes it tick, where its strengths and weaknesses lie, and what management should do about it. But data without ACTION is only that – interesting.

Survey data with ACTION moves mountains! It is ACTION based on true, factual data that improves the lives of millions of employees. It is ACTION that improves products and services, increasing customer satisfaction and customer intent to return. It is ACTION that saves companies, feeds families, and makes our country strong. Not data.

The survey research process should not end at the assessment, or at the analysis to select the issues. The survey research process is not over until you implement solutions to the most important issues facing your organization.

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