Are You Ready for Digital Customer Service?

Are You Ready for Digital Customer Service?

Many organizations claim to provide great customer service. Customer service goals may even be a part of your organization’s mission statement. However, there’s a big difference between striving to provide great customer service and actually providing it. Customers are savvy and they know when you’re not paying attention to the details that separate good from great customer service. Here are some steps that you can take to show that you are serious about providing great customer service in the digital age.

1. Create a Customer Service App for Smartphones

More than 3 billion people worldwide use smartphones. Many companies, such as UPS and FedEx, are using these apps to provide better customer service. The UPS and FedEx apps allow customers to track, ship, and get price quotes. Not only does this make life easier for their customers, but it’s also a unique advertising tool.

2. Offer Video Customer Service

The truth about calling customer service is that no one enjoys it. That includes your customer service agents who must cordially deal with upset customers. By offering video chat, you can give your organization a face. Video callers are also more likely to be satisfied with the experience. Bank customers have clamored for video customer service because they desire to recreate the personal interaction they enjoy when visiting a branch location.

3. Offer Social Media Support

Similar to creating a smartphone app, you must go where the people are. With almost 2 billion people using Twitter and Facebook daily, social media is where your customers are. While you may not be able to solve all problems through social media, it offers a convenient, two-way communications portal for customers.

4. Be More Than a Store

Chances are customers can find a lower price somewhere on the Internet unless your business offers a truly unique product or service. You may think that you can’t compete, but don’t overlook the power of a relationship. Be there for your customers with a smiling face and great service. You’ll be surprised how many customers will pay a higher price for peace of mind and a great shopping experience.

5. Be Transparent

Customers share their experiences with review sites and their social networks. Your business is very likely being talked about online right now. No matter how great your business is, someone will eventually have a bad experience and report it online. While your instinct will be to defend your business, remember that online finger pointing and arguing is never going to reflect well upon your business. Take any conversation out of the public realm – make a phone call if possible. Offer an apology if necessary, do all you can to take care of the situation immediately, and promise to deliver a better experience the next time they come in.

Your customers have specific customer service needs. Don’t assume that they will proactively tell you what they are. Get ahead of the curve by using customer satisfaction surveys to find out exactly what your customers need. Those who resist changing times are usually left behind. Don’t let that happen to your business – get digital.