Dr. Jan West Speaks At Employee Engagement Surveys Conference

Dr. Jan West, Founder and CEO of the Dallas-based National Business Research Institute (NBRI), spoke to listeners of an audio conference held by Business and Legal Reports, Inc. The audio conference was titled “Employee Engagement Surveys in California: How to Learn What Workers Really Think And Drive Positive Change in Your Workplace”.

NBRI is recognized as a global leader in the business application of psychological employee and customer surveys for superior, scientific-quality information.

The conference was hosted by John Hawks of the Employee Resource Institute. Mr Hawks is a writer and human resources consultant. He is the principal of the America Features Syndicate.

Mr. Hawks introduced the panel and Dr. West began the conference with an explanation of the basics of employee surveys. The panel then expanded on the concept by discussing best practices in designing and conducting effective employee surveys.

The panel continued to discuss the tools and methodologies used to gather valid data in the workplace and how to use that data once you have it.

The conference lasted around 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of discussion followed by 30 minutes of questions posed by HR Directors and Employers from all over California.

The complete audio conference is available on disc through BLR (www.BLR.com).