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Employee Engagement Survey Measures Workplace Productivity

A recent workplace study quantified the link between an employee’s engagement and their productivity level. In fact, the study revealed businesses lost more than $300 billion last year due to a lack of engagement, which reduced productivity. A good way to ensure employees are engaged with their jobs is to conduct an employee engagement survey. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

Ask the right questions

One aspect to consider when putting together an employee engagement survey is the type of questions being asked. The questions on an employee survey need to apply to the issues employees could be experiencing in the workplace. In addition, questions shouldn’t imply a “correct” answer. Questions such as “My contributions to the company are appreciated.” or “I get along with my coworkers.” are the types of questions to put on your survey. Steer away from questions that encourage a certain answer such as “I appreciate all the company does for me.”

Analyze the employee engagement survey data

An employee engagement survey is not worth much unless you analyze the data and then take action based upon the results. You can conduct the survey and run the analysis in-house or hire a company to design and deploy your survey, tabulate the findings, analyze the results, and assist you with action planning. Regardless of your method, collecting valid data coupled with an accurate analysis is crucial to a successful employee engagement survey that drives good action planning.

Put employee’s opinions into action

If you discover a problem, investigate the issue and take corrective action to improve the organization. For example, if you find that employees feel unappreciated, you might decide to implement a plan to show them how valuable they are to the company. When employees feel they are being listened to and valued, their engagement level will increase. Studies show that 69 percent of employees would work harder if they were better recognized for their performance and achievements.

Allow employees to remain anonymous

In order for employees to express their true opinions, the employee survey must be anonymous. If you make employees identify themselves, the results will be skewed because they will not answer the questions honestly.

Implementing employee engagement surveys is a great way to determine how employees interact and view the company, and since employee engagement has been proven to affect a company’s profit, making sure employees are engaged is important. In general, employees who are tardy, take lots of time off, or whose quality of work has dropped are exhibiting signs of disengagement. You will know for sure how engaged your employees are after you conduct an employee engagement survey.

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