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Five Top Ways to Boost Productivity

Everyone does their best to keep their employees happy, but some will still feel like they’re in a grind and work becomes a chore.  We’ve compiled several of the most popular tips that businesses are using to keep employees engaged while they’re working – and even a couple for the sake of your productivity:

Standing Desk Stations

This is one of the newer trends in productivity, focusing on healthy-living spaces.  It has been shown that sitting has many adverse health effects.

Standing gives you more energy, which is a perfect way to break through after-lunch fatigue.  It’s also an opportunity for employees to get up and stretch and move about the office.  Remaining inactive in a chair leads to heart disease.

Though some employees may not want to work standing up for the full day, having standing desk stations available for them to set their computer or keyboard on is a way for them to break away from the norm and get moving again.

Listing Priorities for the Day

It’s easy to get caught up in multiple small tasks every day.  A few 10 minute tasks can quickly add up, and before you know it, you’re out of time to accomplish the bigger tasks.  Each morning, list out the tasks that must be finished that day, prioritize them by importance, and keep the list handy.  Use it to manage your time for the rest of the day – and crossing out or checking off finished tasks is an excellent way to visualize progress and accomplishment.

Break Assignments into Smaller Pieces with Deadlines

Bigger projects can be daunting, even to the most seasoned account manager.  Shortening projects into smaller pieces is a way to help employees see progress during a long project, rather than just at the conclusion.  They will also get a sense of accomplishment with each and every piece that is finished, which will make the conclusion that much sweeter.

Email Breaks

Email is how we communicate in today’s world, and that isn’t changing soon.  But, constantly checking your inbox throughout the day can destroy your productivity without you even noticing.  While there are always emails that need your attention, there are many others than can wait.  Responding to every email as it arrives in your inbox will nibble your entire day away.  Close your email when it’s time to get down to work.

Time Away from your Desk

If you’re in a leadership position, people will inevitably be looking for you.  While you’re always there to help, sometimes you need quiet time.  Schedule a block of time and head to an empty conference room.  This will ensure that you don’t get sidetracked and can finish the complex tasks.

Start with these popular productivity tips, and then deploy an employee survey to determine your baseline productivity scores.  Then develop a productivity plan tailored to your culture and specific needs.  Re-survey periodically to discover how effective your improvement initiatives have been. Contact us today to start boosting productivity.

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