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Customer Service: Is It All Just One Big Game?

Perfecting customer service is a process. A company doesn’t get it right on the first try even with all of the available tools and resources. That is because customer service is unique to a company and the products or services it supplies. It takes persistence and constant refining to develop a strategy that will work for your team.

In the last 10 years, the technologies used to expand a brand’s online presence have also changed how customer service is measured and delivered. Companies are sending mobile customer service surveys within minutes of purchases. Customers are sharing complaints via social media and expecting solutions. And when customers notice poor customer service they are 68% more likely to discontinue their relationship with a company.

Whether your strategy involves social media monitoring, a dedicated call center, or a combination of both, these are only one part of what it takes to deliver quality service. All of your employees must have the same understanding of good customer service and expectations.

Gamification might be a useful tactic to identify weak points if you’re not sure what a customer service focused employee looks like. Several companies are turning their attention to gamification to improve internal and external opinions of their customer service. With platforms like FreshDesk and Badgeville, customer service is the new “game” and some companies don’t mind the addictive features. Both platforms provide interactive leader boards and integration with other tools and analytical data. While leader boards and contests are not new, FreshDesk and Badgeville simulate a real-time environment to keep the competition among your employees top of mind.

The real keys to success with gamification are retaining customers and improving employee engagement. If employees know that delivering fast and effective results allows them to reach their own personal benchmarks, imagine the exchange that the customer receives.

Customers often measure the worth of your company by your service department. In fact, 60% of customers are inclined to pay more if they believe they will have a better customer experience. With 45.4 billion calls made to contact centers each year and the growth of social media, companies have more and more opportunities to meet the expectations of customers.

Walter Ruckes at BI Worldwide has this advice for companies considering gamification:

  1. Clearly define your goals for any game mechanic you apply to your customer service setting.
  2. Whether your goals are to measure and improve turnover rates, technical problems, or handle time, outline how gamifying your customer service will meet those goals.
  3. Decide what incentives you will provide your employees and/or customers to help make your organization more efficient. You can offer PTO or bonuses to employees and reward your customers when they provide feedback in a customer service survey.

Just like any business strategy, gamification can work if you have the foundation to support it. That foundation starts with understanding your customer base and your employees. We can help you determine which initiatives will be of value to your customers and which will make your employees more engaged. Then, we can periodically re-survey your customers and employees to refine strategies and make sure goals are being met. Contact us today to start developing a deeper understanding of your customers and employees.

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