Keep Your Employees by Keeping Your Company Culture Cool

Keep Your Employees by Keeping Your Company Culture Cool

Employee satisfaction is key to employee retention, productivity, and growth. Many factors contribute to high employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace. Though you can’t do much to impact what happens outside of your office, you can help your employees find a good work-life balance. Also, consider the three items below:

What Is Your Company Culture Saying?

Company culture has a lot to do with the level of satisfaction employees have with an organization. Every business needs to identify, prioritize, and champion their company culture from the top down. Shared corporate values and practices can contribute to an employee’s overall effectiveness, productivity, and the company’s external reputation. Many companies turn to an employee satisfaction survey to listen to what their employees want from the business and how to incorporate those desires to improve growth.

What Makes Your Company Attractive?

It could be ample time off from work, a competitive pay structure, or any combination of benefits. Employees want to know what will make working for you a positive influence in their lives. Top talent already knows what they can do for you, but your reciprocity has to extend beyond a paycheck.

One item at the top of the list is benefits. Benefits contribute to employee satisfaction in a big way. Assessing employee benefits as part of an employee satisfaction survey can help a business determine if it needs to restructure offerings.

Companies That Get Noticed, Succeed

One example: Facebook has ranked as one of the best places to work for the past several years.

If you can move past the media frenzy and the site itself, take a closer look at the people inside the social media giant. Facebook keeps employees engaged and productive by promoting values that remove stress and encourage innovation and change. Not all companies have the resources to have ping-pong tables or feed their employees three gourmet meals a day, but there are many other ways to use your company’s culture and interest in employee well-being to improve internal satisfaction.

Improving how your company is represented internally and externally has to start somewhere. The team at NBRI can help you get started. With our comprehensive employee satisfaction surveys, clients can be confident in the results and strategies used to move their organization forward. Contact us today for a personal assessment of your organization’s needs.