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The Numbers Behind Employee Engagement

There’s a simple elegance to numbers. Numbers carry a lot of weight when it comes time to back up our words, especially in business. Employee engagement is a universally accepted concept. However, it helps make your case for action when you present numbers that show how poor employee engagement can be a disaster while great engagement levels can push your business ahead. We initially brought you valuable statistics in our employee engagement infographic. Here are several more hard-hitting statistics about employee engagement:

Dissatisfied employees quit at a 51% higher rate than their peers.

Misery loves company. Dissatisfied employees look for opportunities to talk about how unhappy they are at work. Unfortunately, gone unchecked, the misery can spread through the office. It’s vital to identify employees who are unhappy early, so that their unhappiness can be addressed before it becomes the office norm.

50% of employed U.S. adults who have experienced their company’s review process feel more valued by the company when they receive a performance review that is focused on helping them succeed in their role.

Performance reviews are often a dreaded exercise for employees and managers. Some employees brace for a poor review, while others feel there isn’t any useful information obtained from the process. Leadership should be able to provide thorough reviews with actionable points that open the door for advancement within the company. As noted in our employee engagement infographic, many employees leave their jobs because they perceive they have hit an advancement ceiling, even if that isn’t the case. You can motivate your employees to achieve higher goals within the company by presenting them with short and long term goals and advice during performance reviews.

Workers who are able to make a social impact through their jobs are more satisfied by a 2:1 margin.

We’re social beings and our entire society is designed around personal interaction. We want our jobs to make a difference in the world by making it a better place or even just improving the quality of life for one person.

If you’re unsure about how to create exciting ways for employees to become socially engaged, we have some creative employee engagement ideas for you.

The jury delivered its verdict long ago on employee engagement: It’s here to stay because of the power it wields. NBRI offers employee engagement research for some of the best companies in the world. Show your employees your commitment to them by contacting NBRI. Fill out our free quote form or call us at 800-756-6168.

We are currently designing our next employee engagement infographic. Follow NBRI on Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn to be among the first to share it with your co-workers.

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