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The Power of Feedback

From childhood to entering the workforce, we’re constantly listening.  At a young age, it was obvious that there was a lot to learn!  At school, experts in a wide variety of subjects gave us feedback on our work.  When we joined the workforce, our mentors guided us and taught us the ropes so we could become a valuable asset to the company.  But sometimes as we advance, this thirst for knowledge and the need for feedback loses steam.  Companies can take mis-steps when this happens.  Sometimes C-Level executives are unaware that potential business decisions may be a terrible idea.  The Ford Edsel and AOL’s acquisition of Time Warner are timeless examples of a lack of foresight that could have closed these companies’ doors forever.

More companies are taking stock in what their employees and customers have to say before they embark on endeavors, both large and small.  Customers are the lifeline of the company, and alienating them is a guaranteed way to start losing market share.  In a similar vein, your employees are the ones making the products or performing the services you’re offering.  Failure to meet their needs can result in poor productivity, a rash of two-week notices, or maybe even a strike.

These concerns are the reason for NBRI’s ClearPath Feedback Management program, which is built around the following six pillars:


This is the heart of your feedback.  NBRI offers scientific, psychological research that delivers impactful, useful information.  This goes beyond simply asking some questions and hoping to glean meaningful data.  We have psychological experts on staff to ensure that the data we collect is pure, clean, and unbiased.


Clean data is a must when you want to know how you stack up against the rest of your industry.  Scores, or feedback, can be subject to interpretation if it’s not compared against benchmarks.  NBRI houses the largest customer and employee benchmarking databases in the world so that you can track your performance across departments, industries, continents, and much more.


There’s a distinct line between reporting and analyzing.  We analyze the data we collect to bring those 3 to 5 issues that can have the most impact on your business to the surface.  We ensure that you get to the root of the problem instead of devoting resources to items that aren’t the real issue.


We understand the importance of ensuring that all parts operate together in a seamless fashion.  This is why we offer a complete suite of research services.  For example, our employee research offerings range from onboarding all the way to employee exit interviews.  It takes more than one research vehicle to provide you with the critical information you need to make a business run smoothly.


Feedback is of little use if you can’t do anything with it.  Our Best Practice programs guarantee that you have the tools at your disposal to take action to improve your business in the shortest time possible.


ROI is the name of the game.  We understand this, and have built our surveys and research services to make sure that your NBRI research returns its cost to you many times over.  Companies continue to hire us because of the results they see.  We’ve illustrated parts of this data in an infographic.  Our bottom line is your bottom line.

NBRI’s ClearPath Feedback Management ensures that your business keeps learning and receiving feedback to keep customers happy and employees engaged.  Contact us today for a free assessment of how we can benefit your business.

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