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The Value of Wellness Programs

There are many different ways to ensure that your employees are happy.  One recent trend is to institute a wellness program.  It’s easy to fall into poor health habits, which can compound into many physical and mental health issues.  Employers across the world are stepping up to the plate to keep their employees healthy and happy.

The trend is catching on at a rapid pace with a recent study stating that 79 percent of large companies have a wellness program of some type.  The benefits are obvious – unhealthy employees become sicker at a higher rate than their healthy peers.  Sick employees are unable to get work done, especially if they’re encouraged to stay home, lest they get other employees sick.  Wellness programs help keep the bugs at bay, and keep your employees in the office.

A healthier workforce tends to be a higher performing workforce.  Healthier people have more energy throughout the day, which keeps them more productive while they’re at work.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that obese men miss five days a year due to illness while non-obese men miss three.  For a small company that might have 10 men on staff, this could mean an additional 20 missed days of work per year if they are obese.  The number skyrockets for large companies.  Healthy employees are more productive and they enjoy all of the benefits that being healthy has to offer such as participating in outdoor activities and more energy to spend with their children.

It’s no secret that wellness programs are designed to keep employees healthier, which in turn saves the company money.  Also, healthier employees result in fewer health insurance claims and over time that helps the company save money on health insurance.  Companies looking to introduce wellness programs must perform a top to bottom analysis on how to keep employees healthy in every aspect of the business.  This may include evaluating lengths of shifts, the products or chemicals used by the company, or the safety of the equipment being used on the job.  It should also go without saying that wellness programs should be strictly voluntary.

It’s vital to survey your employees to gauge their thoughts and opinions on wellness programs and the company as a whole before implementing any far reaching plans.  A wellness program may not be right for your company if employees are more concerned about other issues.  After establishing goals and implementing changes based on the data from the first survey, re-survey periodically to evaluate the effectiveness of your improvement initiatives. Contact us today to get started!

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