This webinar is essential for ensuring your survey research study is designed, deployed, analyzed, and reported properly, avoiding dependence on vendors or internal staff who are not trained in conducting scientific, psychological research studies. This is a ‘must do’ webinar for professionals in all disciplines, and provides a wealth of information that participants will value for a lifetime!


What Will You Learn

  • How to write survey questions for any type of survey
  • How to write meaningful demographic questions
  • How to design an attractive survey
  • How to deploy a survey
  • How to motivate people to participate
  • How to generate meaningful scores from raw data
  • How to know what the scores say about your respondents
  • How to respond to good news
  • How to respond to bad news
  • How to isolate the most important findings
  • How to respond to the most important findings
  • How to measure improvement over time


  • What does “psychology” have to do with surveys?
  • What is “benchmarking” and why is everyone talking about it?
  • What recommendations will Management expect of me?