Political Survey Questions

Developing the question database for your political survey is the first and most important step in your survey research study. The example question template below provides a glimpse into the questions your political survey might include.

Using the right political survey questions will make or break your survey because the wording of the questions strongly influence the answer. NBRI knows political survey question design and our surveys collect pure, clean data enabling us to make reliable recommendations to improve organizational performance.

Political Research Survey Sample

The City should assist corporations to expand to create jobs.
The creation of jobs is more important than business tax revenue.
The City should pursue corporations to relocate to our area.
The City should offer incentives for companies to create more jobs.
The City should offer incentives to socially responsible corporations.
Protecting the environment is more important than business tax revenue.
The City should offer additional incentives to environmentally friendly corporations.
The City currently structures corporate incentives to benefit the City more than corporations.
I trust the City to make decisions that are good for the area.
Overall, I am satisfied with the City's efforts to create more jobs.

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