Rain Bird Awarded NBRI Circle of Excellence

Rain Bird Awarded NBRI Circle of Excellence

National Business Research Institute (NBRI) recognized Rain Bird for the second year in a row with the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award based upon their outstanding achievement in Employee Engagement.

“Employee Engagement drives Financial Performance,” said Dr. Jan G. West, Ph.D., CEO & Organizational Psychologist at NBRI. “This award is a result of Rain Bird’s dedication to measuring and improving their Employee Engagement.”

To qualify for this honor, the organization must score at or above Stretch Performance at the 75th benchmarking percentile when measured against their industry, or the organization must improve 5 or more benchmarking percentiles in total company score over the previous research study. Rain Bird has distinguished itself by reaching Stretch Performance in its second year of assessment with NBRI.

“Rain Bird has a long history of measuring and improving employee engagement. The improvements that we realize each year are a result of the actions our supervisors and managers take in response to what we learn from our employees during this survey process and through less formal interactions. We are proud to receive this recognition from NBRI that places us above more than 75% of other companies studied” says Donna Millan, Director Human Relations for Rain Bird.

NBRI conducts Customer, Employee, and Market Research for businesses, and ‘reads the minds’ of these human factors that so significantly impact all organizations.

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