ClearView Free

Free Basic Survey Tool

ClearView Free enables you to conduct basic employee surveys, customer surveys, market research, website surveys, and more for free and with confidence.


  • No fees or charges! Completely free!
  • Up to 3 concurrent surveys
  • Up to 10 questions per survey
  • An unlimited number of responses
  • Create your own surveys
  • Deploy your surveys
  • Customize the look and feel of your surveys
  • Generate survey reports
  • Export your raw survey data for additional offline analysis

There are no fees or charges associated with this product. You can start building and deploying your surveys today, free.

Why is NBRI offering a free survey product?

For over three decades, we’ve prided ourselves on providing thorough, in-depth research backed by our ClearPath Feedback Management process, which ensures our clients are asking the right questions, obtaining answers they can trust, and are able to benchmark those answers across departments, industries, or even countries.

Yet, the more we looked at the free and low cost survey products on the market, we felt the need to step in. Free or low cost survey research does not have to be low quality or inaccurate, but that’s what we see in some cases. And many companies who cannot afford to pay for in-depth survey research trust the results they are getting from questionable survey tools.

So we decided to offer a free survey tool with basic capabilities, for we believe that free does not have to mean low quality or inaccurate.

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