ClearView Survey Platform

ClearView Survey Platform

Create, distribute, and instantly report on surveys.

The ClearView Survey Platform ensures our customers are asking the right survey questions, obtaining answers they can trust, and are able to benchmark those answers across departments, industries, or even countries.

ClearView is a SaaS (Software as a Service) feedback platform that combines survey software technology with parallel computing for flexibility, speed, and expandability.

ClearView is available anywhere in the world to collect and consolidate feedback from multiple sources.

Some features:

  • Plans available for large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals
  • Survey Templates designed by PhD Organizational Psychologists
  • 75+ survey languages
  • Deployment options: web, social media, email, SMS, QR code, paper, and telephone
  • Benchmark against your industry
  • Deep analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Action planning interface