Customer Loss Review Surveys


Customer Loss Review Surveys

Customer loss is damaging to financial performance, employee morale, and the reputation of your business. If your organization is losing customers, and you do not fully understand what is causing this customer loss, you should look to a customer loss survey.

How might you change the tide and ensure customers will continue to stick around?  A customer loss review is a good place to start. Customer loss reviews are surveys that are designed specifically to enable your organization to identify why customers take their business elsewhere, what types of customers may be likely to discontinue doing business with you, and what issues you should focus on to prevent additional losses.

Making Customer Loss Surveys Work for Your Business

A customer loss survey collects and analyzes data from those individuals who no longer patronize your business to identify common characteristics and sentiments of this population. It will also give you a good understanding of what types of changes you must enact in the organization to win back these customers.  Below are some key issues and considerations in the development of a customer loss survey: