Customer Pulse Surveys

Customer pulse survey feedback drives improved customer experience.

Customer Pulse Surveys

A Customer Pulse Survey is designed to efficiently collect information from a customer population by asking a small number of questions or sometimes a single question, such as: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company/brand] to a friend or colleague?” The answers to these questions provides a snapshot of current customer service levels as well as the probability of referrals.

If a customer has a positive experience with an organization, it will likely lead to repeat business and good word of mouth, but a negative experience can lead to customer loss and the circulation of poor reviews. The Customer Pulse Survey score calculates, quantifies, and tracks a small number of questions to quickly understand if the overall image of a company is positive or negative.

  • Increase profitability
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Immediate real-time data
  • Track performance over time
  • Comprehensive yet simple
  • Project future growth
  • Refine (rather than reengineer) strategy

A Customer Pulse Survey score is calculated using benchmarks of your industry. Detractors are defined as respondents who are likely to provide poor word of mouth about the company, promoters are likely to spread positive experiences with the company, and neutral respondents aren’t likely to share either glowing or damaging reports about the company. NBRI provides the analysis and benchmarking for you and makes it easy to understand. We also provide expert guidance on how to boost scores and obtain higher marks from all of your customers.

Case Study: Customer Pulse Survey

The client leveraged insights from NBRI to initiate targeted service recovery to improve performance.

A manufacturer of industrial, transmission, and distribution systems was experiencing increasing competition in its field. To maintain its customer base and plan for the future, it was essential to understand current levels of performance and word-of-mouth in its customer base.

An NBRI Customer Pulse Survey was deployed on an ongoing basis, and scores—assessed by various touchpoints—were tracked on a monthly basis. The data identified several departments where scores lagged behind total company performance. In conjunction with the survey data, an assessment of open-ended question feedback revealed that responsiveness was particularly problematic.

The client leveraged these insights to take specific and targeted action to improve performance by engaging in targeted service recovery, restructuring customer service, and enhancing training. As a result of these changes, Customer Pulse Survey scores nearly quadrupled over the next few months. While the client reaped immediate satisfaction and word-of-mouth benefits from their customers, they were also able to initiate a seismic change at the ideal time. Knowing an imminent IT implementation would be disruptive to their customer service, the client waited until scores were consistently high before beginning the implementation process. As a result, customer service suffered the fewest possible interruptions and the company’s future remains bright.

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