Employee Opinion Surveys

What Do Your Employees Think of Your Organization?

Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee opinion is a belief or conclusion held with confidence by employees, but not substantiated by proof. It’s a classic example of perception is reality, but with a twist. Employee opinion can be very costly to the bottom line since current and potential employees, and business partners may hold a negative opinion of a company because of a perceived sick culture.

At NBRI, we have a proven track record of rooting out and solving these types of problems before they damage financial performance.

NBRI’s Employee Opinion Surveys assess the psychological constructs of opinion and its behavioral counterparts. Through scientific discovery and analysis, NBRI consultants provide clients with specific steps to improve their organization’s performance.

Our surveys help organizations:

  • Gain a clear understanding of employee impressions, assumptions, views, and common sentiments.In today’s online world, it’s easy for potential employees and vendors to conduct in-depth research on your company via social media and email without ever visiting you in-person. That means ensuring positive employee opinions is more important than ever. A survey is a huge help in discovering the root causes of both positive and negative opinions being shared inside the company and with the outside world. Armed with our accurate information you have the ability to make any needed changes.
  • Measure misconceptions about an organization.We’ve all heard of companies we wouldn’t want to work for. Where do we get such information? From current and former employees. You can’t change those things that you aren’t aware need changing. Staff opinion surveys tell you which opinions are inaccurate, which are harming your company, and provide management with the tools needed to correct false perceptions. Also, accurate information allows management to do a much better job of warding off potentially harmful misconceptions in the future.
  • Improve employee opinions of the organization.Employee opinion survey results are valuable because they allow you to make the necessary changes and improvements to promote positive opinions of the organization. The very act of surveying your workforce demonstrates management’s willingness to make changes for the better. The survey plus a serious effort to make the changes indicated to promote a positive, healthy culture will provide the impetus for even those with the most dour dispositions to become champions of the brand. The positive impact of employee opinion survey questionnaires cannot be denied.
  • Build stronger relationships between management and staff.Let’s face it, at many companies, management and employees are seldom on the same page. Too often, employees feel like managers meddle needlessly, saddling them with work that does not need to be done. Managers wonder if employees are working as hard as they say they are, while silently longing for a more effective means of measuring satisfaction and engagement. Through the use of our survey research, you will see the issues from both sides and then be able to take action to bridge the gap.

When you hire NBRI, you’re hiring more than a company to conduct survey research. You’re hiring a business partner with a sincere interest in the health and success of your company.

Give us a call. We’re confident that you’ll find us a valuable partner capable of fulfilling your survey research needs, and exceeding your expectations.

Employee Opinion Survey Case Study

Sony ClientAn entertainment industry giant with excellent management was having difficulty overcoming the effects of the employee rumor mill. Despite frequent, open and factual communications to the contrary, rumors persisted about impending mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs, rendering the entire employee base paralyzed.

An NBRI Employee Opinion Survey was deployed, and NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics were conducted on the data. It was evident that working relationships with peers and subordinates were good, but those with supervisors were suffering from a gross lack of trust. While management had sought to develop good relationships with employees through good communication, it was failing.

NBRI recommended a number of interventions, including ‘fireside chats’ between senior managers and small groups of employees on a regular basis, in which employees could raise issues and receive immediate feedback that included emotive responses, rather than memos.

The next two employee survey assessments proved the interventions to be right on target, as relationships with management showed increases of more than 25 benchmarking percentiles.

The Standard NBRI Employee Opinion Survey includes 35 questions covering 13 topics, requiring 7 to 12 minutes to complete, and is customized to achieve each organization’s specific goals for their study.

Standard Employee Opinion Survey Topics

  • Climate
  • Communications
  • Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Job Training
  • Life Balance
  • Management Style
  • Morale
  • Productivity
  • Recognition
  • Work Life
  • Working Relationships

Employee Opinion Survey Related White Papers

Research is in our blood. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. Our white papers highlight our philosophy on areas of business impacted by survey research.

See for yourself:

How Innovative Is Your Organization – Innovation can take many forms. An organization develops a new product or service. A new business model offers customers a new brand experience. A new strategic partnership is formed, resulting in new customer segments and new distribution or communication channels.

Measuring Success: What is Your Temperature? – Most of us do not take our temperature on a regular basis and in fact, some people never take their temperature. Why would we? We just assume that if we are feeling fine that our temperature must be within the normal range.

View all Employee Survey White Papers by NBRI.

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