Onboarding Surveys

The Perfect Tool for Hiring, Training and Retaining Your Talent

Onboarding Surveys

What is onboarding? Simply put, it’s part of a comprehensive approach to ensuring each employee joining an organization is thoroughly immersed in the culture and operational systems of the entity.

Onboarding is a priority because it ensures new employees are properly trained and understand their job functions. When new hires fail to understand their role, they often lack the ability to be productive team members, which reveals flaws in how they were hired or introduced to the company.

Let NBRI’s Onboarding Surveys help you:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your current employee onboarding program.Is it working effectively? How could it be made to perform better? Are their underlying issues that need correcting? Might there be problems a new employee onboarding survey could alleviate?
  • Identify the key components to include in your employee onboarding program.No two organizations are the same. We’ll work with you to develop a new hire onboarding survey that gets you the answers you need for business success, helping to create an atmosphere where new employees feel welcomed and appreciated.
  • Determine the challenges and issues faced by your company’s new employees.We’d all like to believe our business provides new and current employees with the tools, information, and atmosphere they need to be successful. With our help, you will know with confidence that the feedback you receive is (a) not guesswork, (b) based on sound, thorough research, and (c) aimed at helping you make effective business decisions.
  • Understand the perceptions new employees have of their hiring experience.New hires view your business through an entirely different prism than existing employees. Everything is fresh, new, and has the ability to shape their experience with the company. An effective onboarding feedback survey will help you see through the eyes of new hires, providing a view of the business you might not otherwise receive.
  • Discover why new employees are drawn to your organization.Well before new hires reach your building on that first day, they have already researched the business, the culture, and many of the current employees, via social media. The more stable the culture, the better the stories that are shared, which (a) make your business that much more desirable and (b) allow you to make any needed improvements.
  • Make new hires more productive faster.New employees expect to hit the ground running on the first day, armed with the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively. With the information gleaned from our onboarding process survey, you’ll be able to provide the environment they need to be successful from the time they step foot on company property, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Address the reasons some employees leave during the first year.Turnover is a part of any business, no matter how great or successful. Something is amiss if you are losing a high number of employees in their first year. With our help, your business can get to the bottom of the problem quickly and accurately.
  • Improve the recruiting process.Put your business on the radar of the best employees, becoming a sought-after location for top talent. Doing so lowers recruiting costs and makes it easier to retain the best workers, lessening the expense associated with hiring.
  • Gain long-term commitment from new employees.Happy employees are hard-working, loyal, and far less likely to seek greener pastures. In a word, they are engaged. An effective onboarding survey will highlight your successes, allowing you to model those efforts companywide.
  • Measure the success of your employee onboarding program over time.With accurate data, we assign metrics to your new hire training processes. Measuring and implementing corrections over time fosters a cohesive culture, helping you retain your top talent.

Hiring is one of the most important and most expensive undertakings of every enterprise. Those who get it right become the envy of their industry while driving down their cost of doing business.

Trust NBRI to help you remove the guesswork in assessing your company’s onboarding process.

When you hire NBRI, you’re hiring more than a company to conduct survey research. You’re hiring a business partner with a sincere interest in the health and success of your company.

Give us a call. We’re confident that you’ll find us a valuable partner capable of fulfilling your survey research needs, and exceeding your expectations.

Onboarding Survey Case Study

One of the top 10 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. was experiencing 22% turnover, in addition to the enormous costs of downtime and hard expense associated with attracting and re-training replacement talent.

A formal onboarding process was in place, but had not been assessed, so NBRI was hired to conduct Employee Onboarding Surveys.

New Employee Onboarding Isn’t An Optional Undertaking

Results showed the fast-paced environment had provided little or no time for the onboarding process, leaving supervisors frustrated and new hires without support systems that would ensure their success.

Even so, senior management had been assured the onboarding process was being implemented. With hard data to support this fact, supervisors were given the needed support from senior management to take the time to fully follow the onboarding process.

NBRI’s analysis and recommendations provided senior management with the critical information needed to bring turnover rates below 10% within 6 months, and with the addition of NBRI Employee Surveys, turnover rates were at less than 5% within one year, representing an enormous ROI.

Though results obviously vary; the significance of onboarding cannot be overstated, highlighting the need for onboarding surveys.

At their core, the surveys are a great tool for helping companies measure their performance against established internal benchmarks, providing desperately needed information to assess the health of the business.

But just as important, the accurate information obtained from onboarding surveys allows organizations to judge their performance against external industry benchmarks, making them aware of the ways they might be falling behind their competition.

The standard NBRI Onboarding Survey includes 48 questions covering 12 topics and may be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Standard Onboarding Survey Topics

  • Climate
  • Communications
  • Creativity
  • Culture
  • Employee Commitment
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Job Training
  • Life Balance
  • Management Style
  • Morale
  • Productivity
  • Working Relationships

Onboarding Survey Related White Paper

Research is in our blood. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. Our white papers highlight our philosophy on areas of business impacted by survey research.

See for yourself:

Onboarding Is Critical To Business Success – No matter how old we are, how many jobs we have had, or the level of our position in the organization, the questions we have on the first day of work remain the same. Where do I park my car? Where do I put my stuff? Where are the bathrooms? Where can I get something to eat or drink? Where do I begin?

View all Employee Survey White Papers by NBRI.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

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John Schierer
REMEC Defense Space

NBRI is a pleasure to work with and have provided our Company with valuable information.

Lynn Carter

Our Research Consultant and Project Manager are great in helping us not only understand the process but also plan for how we make positive changes in our organization based on the feedback we receive.

Tyler Young
Texas Tech FCU

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