Gaming & Hospitality Surveys

Guest Satisfaction Surveys Are Used to Assess and Improve Guest Loyalty

Gaming & Hospitality Surveys

The satisfaction of your guests is not something to take a gamble on. In an ever-crowded field of properties competing for the entertainment and hospitality dollar, it is important for your property to distinguish itself. The best way to do this is by offering a level of customer service and satisfaction that no other casino or hotel can match. However, in order to do this, you need to understand which services are most important to your guests, as well as how you compare to other properties in the offering of those services.

A professionally administered guest satisfaction survey identifies the areas in which you excel and the areas that need improvement. The best way to understand your strengths and weaknesses is through the use of benchmarking information or comparison data. Benchmarking information allows you to understand how your performance in certain areas compares with similar properties. As a result, you can understand exactly how you stack up against your competition, and what you must do to increase your performance and exceed guest expectations.

Surveys conducted by NBRI allow you to both compare and evaluate all facets of your operation, including casino services, food and beverage services, hotel services and more. On the whole, gaming and hospitality surveys can:

  • Improve the guest experience.
  • Increase share of wallet.
  • Increase guest recommendations of your property to others.
  • Tie improvement goals to management compensation plans.
  • Use hard data to continually improve guest loyalty, satisfaction, and intent to return.

NBRI’s ClearPath Analytics pinpoint the key features of your services that drive guest satisfaction, intent to return, and willingness to recommend your property to others. By using rigorous statistical methods to analyze the data gathered from guest surveys, you will have the ability to accurately understand your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you can take corrective measures to address any issues that negatively impact your revenues while working to improve the features that matter most to guest satisfaction. Ultimately, using the survey data in this way will increase the probability guests will return to your property, leading to an improvement in financial returns.

After NBRI identifies the root causes that determine key elements of customer behavior, we empower you with the tools you need to initiate change. Change can be complicated, but with our ClearPath Action Training process, it doesn’t have to be. Our process shows you how to enlist your employees in the change process in a way that makes it something they want to be a part of. At NBRI, our objective is to be there for our clients, and provide the essential support you need: from the start of the process to the very end.

At NBRI, we know the complexities of the casino and hospitality industry inside and out, and have a track record to prove it. We have delivered tangible results for many gaming and hotel establishments, helping them increase their profile in a highly competitive environment. By working with us, you will better understand the attitudes and perceptions of your customers that determine their behavior.

When you hire NBRI, you’re hiring more than a company to conduct survey research. You’re hiring a business partner with a sincere interest in the health and success of your company.

Give us a call. We’re confident that you’ll find us a valuable partner capable of fulfilling your survey research needs, and exceeding your expectations.

Case Study: Gaming & Hospitality Survey

NBRI determined that decreasing the wait time for this property had a direct financial impact of $1 million in revenue per average minute of wait time saved!

A major Nevada hotel and casino with over 1,000,000 visitors per year contacted NBRI for assistance in assessing their level of guest satisfaction. Being a leader in the gaming industry, the client understands the importance of analyzing the satisfaction of their guests. In addition, it is a well-known fact that guest service surveys are a best practice of global leaders.

The NBRI standard guest service survey was deployed by paper and online on an ongoing basis in order to measure their progress over time. Additional weight was given to the responses from the most profitable guests. A 30% response rate provided preliminary indications of a guest population that was willing to provide important feedback to help the property improve their guests’ satisfaction.

NBRI ClearPath Analytics identified guest wait time as the driver of 42% of all survey items. To address this root cause, NBRI recommended adding additional personnel at peak times. NBRI has the necessary knowledge and staff of organizational psychologists to analyze financials and guest service survey scores to determine the financial implications of improved guest satisfaction. Over time, as the guest wait times were addressed and decreased, NBRI determined that decreasing the wait time for this property had a direct financial impact of $1 million in revenue per average minute of wait time saved!

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