NBRI’s ClearPath Feedback Management solution for all of your feedback systems.

ClearPath Research

NBRI’s hallmark of Scientific, Psychological Research is second to none in the Survey Research Industry for the highest quality methods, principles, and data!

ClearPath Benchmarking

NBRI provides clear, consistent scores across multiple studies so Clients always know where they stand across departments, business units, organizations, industries, continents, and cultures!`

ClearPath Analytics

NBRI’s proprietary, inferential statistical analyses provide clear, concise marching orders; those 3 to 5 issues that will result in the greatest, immediate improvement within the organization!

ClearPath Synergy

NBRI provides Employee Surveys, Employee Exit Surveys, 360-Degree Management Surveys, On-Boarding Surveys, Customer Surveys, Customer Loss Surveys, Market Research, Gaming & Hospitality Surveys, Hospital Patient & Physician Surveys, and much more. Each feedback system is created, deployed, analyzed, and acted upon in concert with all others!

ClearPath Action

NBRI’s proprietary Best Practice for acting upon feedback. Responsibilities are shared across the organization, involving employees at all levels in problem-solving and solution implementation, greatly increasing the speed and efficacy of responding to data. NBRI provides free training to all Clients!

ClearPath Financial

Every Client’s "bottom line" is always our "bottom line."  Our studies routinely provide ROI many times more than the cost of our studies, as evidenced by the fact that most of our Clients have been with us for more than a decade!

NBRI ClearPath Feedback Management

When NBRI was founded in 1982, our biggest challenge was convincing Executives that they needed to obtain feedback from their employees and customers. Most could not even imagine why it would be of value, or how it could benefit their organizations.  Today, listening to the two, powerful forces of employee and customer opinion is not only a common practice, but a best practice, and innumerable means of obtaining this feedback exist, from pop-ups on websites, to comment cards and suggestion boxes, to paper and telephone surveys, to online surveys that are smartphone compatible, social networking sites, and much more. There is certainly no shortage of data on what people think today!

The overabundance of data on human opinions has resulted in a critically important issue facing today’s Organizations: ‘What does it all mean?’ How can one reconcile the spurious comments from an unrepresentative sample on Twitter or Trip Advisor with scientific fact from legitimate research? How can one reconcile employee opinion with customer opinion of the same organization, if the two differ radically? How can Management streamline multiple feedback systems, glean the most important lessons, and take the most important actions in the most efficient manner possible? In short, how does one make sense of all of the noise, and realize the greatest return on investment possible? Whether you share these concerns, or are just beginning to establish your first feedback system, NBRI has the expertise to assist you where you are, and lead you to greater levels of organizational performance for decades to come!

Whether you want to conduct your first employee survey, or already have numerous surveys in deployment at all times, please contact us for a free, no obligation assessment of how we can help you save time, save money, and maximize your ROI from all of your feedback systems with ClearPath Feedback Management!