ClearPath Action

ClearPath Action

Have you ever collected survey data, and wondered what to do with it?  You’re not alone.  Apparently, the problem is widespread, or so we hear from almost all new Clients.  At NBRI, we believe you should know what to do before you ever survey.  If you don’t, save your time and money, and don’t survey at all.  Otherwise, you will raise expectations that may turn to resentment if you survey and do nothing with the results!

At NBRI, we find data interesting.  After all, it is really something to know the heart and soul of an organization, what makes it tick, where its strengths and weaknesses lie, and what management should do about it – without ever having set foot on the property, walked the halls, or met the executives!  But we know all too well that data without ACTION is only that – interesting.

Data with ACTION moves mountains!  It is ACTION based on true, factual data that improves the lives of millions of employees of NBRI Clients.  It is ACTION that improves the products and services of our Clients, increasing their customer satisfaction and customer intent to return.  It is ACTION that saves companies, feeds families, and makes our country strong.  Not data.

NBRI ClearPath Action PlanningSo at NBRI, the survey research process does not end at the Assessment, or at the Analysis to Select the Issues.  The survey research process is not over until the Client Implements Solutions to the most important issues facing the organization.   NBRI provides consulting and training on how to move from data to action in 3 weeks, and this begins before the data is even collected!  This is an investment in your success because when you succeed, NBRI succeeds.

That’s correct:  NBRI provides consulting and training to guide Clients through the entire Continuous Improvement Process, from the Assessment to Selecting the Issues, to Brainstorming on Solutions, to Developing the Short List of Recommendations for Senior Management’s approval, to Obtaining those Approvals, and finally, to Implementing the Solutions!  And this proprietary process has been proven to radically save time and money, while accelerating the realization of the benefits of the research.

Perhaps the most important question you should ask before selecting a Research Partner is, ‘Will they be able to tell me what to do with the results?’  At NBRI, we believe it is essential.