An advanced feedback system for all of your research projects.

ClearPath Synergy

ClearPath Synergy is an advanced feedback system that is created, deployed, analyzed, and acted upon to increase the effectiveness of all of your research projects. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

Most business people realize the importance of obtaining feedback from key populations, such as employees, customers, and their target market, and most organizations have several survey research projects in deployment at all times.  Managers may commission a survey of a department or location in order to solve morale or productivity issues, and Executives may commission surveys of broader populations for entirely different reasons, such as to improve the overall financial performance of the organization.

When different parts of an organization conduct surveys without communicating with one another, there is a lack of quality control and wastefulness on many levels. Economies of scale are unrealized, which wastes money, and surveyed populations may overlap and become over-surveyed, which decreases data quality. Different vendors will provide their own processes, personnel, report formats, etc., which all present learning curves and can result in wasted time and money. ClearPath Synergy solves these problems.

Broadest scope of capabilities

NBRI can meet your every survey research need, from data collection to implementing actions that result in dramatic improvement, and our processes greatly reduce cost and increase ownership of solutions.  With NBRI’s ClearPath Synergy, you have a center of research excellence at the core of your organization.  The most consummate professional researchers, a single program administrator at NBRI, consistent report formats across studies, consolidated accounting, and much more!

NBRI is the clear choice for all of your business research needs!

ClearPath Synergy Infographic