ClearPath Synergy

ClearPath Synergy

Most business people realize the imperative of obtaining feedback from key populations, such as employees, customers, and the market, and most organizations have from a few to several hundred surveys in deployment at all times.  Managers may commission a survey of a department or location in order to solve morale or productivity issues, and Executives may commission surveys of broader populations for entirely different reasons, such as to improve the overall Financial Performance of the organization.

When the left hand has no knowledge of what the right hand is doing, there can be no synergy! NBRI is the silent giant of survey research, with the highest quality standards in its industry, the longest history, and the highest levels of knowledge and experience.  And since NBRI conducts every type of business research, and handles every study from data collection to implementing solutions, Clients are able to synergize feedback systems across studies and across their organizations!

When one part of an organization is unaware of other parts of the organization doing the same thing, the result is waste and lack of quality control on a number of different levels.  Economies of scale are unrealized, which wastes money, and surveyed populations may overlap and become over-surveyed, which decreases data quality.  Different vendors provide the same services differently, and vendor personnel are different for different studies.  Different vendors typically use different scales from one another, such as a 10 pt. v. a 6 pt., rendering results impossible to compare across studies.  Often, different vendors promote different statistics, so one may provide data as a Percent Favorable and another as a Mean Score.  Different vendors will provide results in different report formats, each one presenting a learning challenge.  Differences and conflicts with seasonality, budgets, quality and control are too numerous to list, and all result in lost time and money that is completely preventable.

NBRI ClearPath Synergy MeetingNBRI provides the highest quality products and services in the Survey Research Industry.  The quality of the survey questions, the scale, the validity of the survey, representative samples, confidence levels & sampling errors, and much more impact every survey research study.  Whether the result is pure, clean, actionable data or contaminated, misleading data is a function of the knowledge and expertise of those conducting the research.

NBRI has the longest history in the Survey Research Industry.  Founded in 1982 before online surveys even existed, NBRI laid the foundation of its industry by interviewing huge samples of employees and customers regarding what they felt they should be asked about by a survey.  This led NBRI to the discovery of the organizational dynamics that are universal to all employee and customer populations, which enabled NBRI Organizational Psychologists to write the questions that have now become the standardized, Best Practice Research Instruments of the industry.  NBRI’s extensive knowledge and experience in Psychological Business Survey Research is unparalleled.

NBRI has the broadest scope of capabilities to meet your every need, from data collection to implementing actions that result in dramatic improvement, and our processes enable our Clients to do much of the work themselves, which greatly reduces cost and increases ownership.  With NBRI’s ClearPath Synergy, you have a single Center of Research Excellence at the ‘core’ of your organization.  The most consummate professional researchers, a single program administrator at NBRI, consistent report formats across studies, consolidated accounting, and much more!

NBRI is the Clear Choice for all of your survey needs!