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How to Foster Employee Engagement Through Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction must exist before employee engagement is possible. Employees who feel vested in the success of their company are committed to their own advancement and productivity in the workplace. Consider implementing the following employee satisfaction measures to help ensure employee engagement.

Share the knowledge

Strive to be transparent about company profits and losses. There may be policies in place about safeguarding certain specific dollar amounts. However, a manager can still share generalities about whether the company has had a good month or a bad one. For example, a chart posted in a common office area can reflect percentages of growth rather than detailed numbers. In this way, employees who have been assigned to particular projects know if their work is contributing to the company’s success. This can be a powerful, motivating influence.

Share the fun

Managers can talk about teamwork all day long, but to get employees together on the same team and help them bond, the time-tested company picnic is the way to go. Office holiday parties, though commonly done, are not as appreciated as previously thought. They are typically held in the office during a time of year when employees would rather be at home with their families or out shopping for presents. Summer company picnics, on the other hand, provide a way for employees to share a little of their family lives with their colleagues. Proud parents can show off their children, and spouses can be introduced. Everyone is out in the sun, participating in relay races, Frisbee football and tug of war. It is here that memories can be created and camaraderie can be formed.

Share the win

Instead of singling out employees to receive awards such as Employee of the Month, share the company’s success in a monetary way, with bonuses in the form of checks or gift certificates. If employees see that their hard work is paying off, for the company and for themselves, they feel more engaged during their workday. That motivation shows through in their own work and in the way that all employees view each other. In a sense, there is no better motivation than peer pressure. Conversely, when you single out one or more employees there is the possibility of resentment or bitterness from other employees who may feel that they worked just as hard or harder.

Managers who make sure that their employees feel like they are part of the office family will find that the level of employee satisfaction provides the core foundation for employee engagement and long-term commitment.

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