Is Your Casino Meeting Guest Expectations?

Is Your Casino Meeting Guest Expectations?

In good times and bad – win, lose or draw – people love going to casinos. Global casino revenues are hundreds of billions of dollars. It can be hard for a recreational gambler to turn a profit on the casino floor. So, the question is, why do people keep coming back to casinos? Your version of that question is: Why should they keep coming back to my casino?

The Fun Factor

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Gambling floors filled with the latest and best slot machines, fresh tables, and entertaining dealers are, and will remain, the pillar of strong casinos. But, you also need ways to keep your customers engaged when they take a break from the tables. That’s why many casinos have evolved into all-in-one entertainment-plexs with shows, restaurants, and spas. Name an attraction and a casino somewhere will have it. Your customers’ money goes where they go. Keep your guests inside your building and that’s money you can get, but your competition can’t. Guest research can push a casino into the upper echelon of profitability, by finding out what your guests like about your casino, what they don’t like, and what additions they would value.

The Free Factor

Casino patrons have come to expect that the more they spend on the floor, the more they get in comps from the casino. Most casinos offer loyalty or rewards cards that track a guest’s spending habits and offer rewards accordingly. Loyalty cards are a proven system, used all across the globe to reward high rollers and mid-level gamblers. But, they can’t help you retain the casual gamblers and their combined smaller bets – that add up to a lot of money for you. An experienced pit boss or manager will be able to identify those opportunities with keen awareness and sometimes instinctive impulsiveness. For example, if he overhears a large group of guests discussing plans to visit the casino next door, a free buffet offer or comped rooms for the night could be a great investment for the casino. That trust and reliance on your employees is another way to keep guests, and their money, inside your doors.

The Survey

Casino guests almost universally love answering surveys and giving you their opinions, so take advantage of the opportunity. Together with NBRI, you can create the perfect survey for your guests. You’ll gain valuable insight into what’s working for your guests, what isn’t, and where you need to bolster your efforts to help drive your financial performance. Not every solution or service will work at every property. By implementing a guest survey, you’ll be plugged into your guests’ impression of your establishment.

NBRI has compiled vast amounts of guest research data and delivered quantifiable returns for the gaming industry. We don’t just help you ask questions – we also help you take action as a result of the answers. If you’re ready to take your guest service to the next level, fill out our Contact Us form, and we’ll be in touch. Or, give us a call today at 800-756-6168.