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Maximizing Your HR Potential

The first priority of human resources professionals is to keep the company’s most valuable assets, employees, happy while they’re at work. That’s a very simplified way of defining a complex job, but ultimately it’s the HR professional who finds solutions for employees’ issues. Have you ever considered how powerful it would be if you could address problems before they became problems? At NBRI, we offer a comprehensive suite of employee surveys and organizational research designed to make your life easier, so you can focus on creating the perfect workplace.

Employee Engagement Surveys – We feel so strongly about employee engagement research that we published an infographic discussing the topic. Engagement is not simply a good attitude. At NBRI, we use a psychological approach to uncover the engagement related causes of poor productivity, high turnover, and other corporate ailments. This process analyzes more than the typical survey by discovering why employees feel the way they do, and most importantly guides our clients to appropriate corrective actions. Engagement surveys explore employee alignment with the company’s values and goals, job satisfaction, and many other dynamics.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys – These surveys help you discover what motivates your people, what drives loyalty, and what makes and keeps your employees happy. Employees with low job satisfaction are unlikely to share their thoughts and feelings with their immediate supervisor, but are very willing to complete a survey and share their true thoughts confidentially.

Employee Pulse Surveys – Company growth is fantastic, but it can happen so quickly that you lose that personal connection with employees. As you grow, the CEO is no longer sitting next to an intern, so to speak. This may create a growing disconnect in both structure and feelings between different levels within your organization. Our organizational assessments find these disconnects, and provide the insight to help align and unify your company underneath your core values and goals. Successful companies are a team, not just a group of individuals.

Employee Exit Interviews – Employees leaving your company is an expected part of doing business. The massive costs of on-boarding new employees can be minimized with the use of employee exit interviews. NBRI can help your company by comparing the metrics of those who stay with the metrics of those who leave. You will know exactly why individual employees leave your company and what to do to prevent future losses.

As a champion for the people within your organization, it’s important to survey your employees to understand their group thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. We are more than surveys – we combine primary data collection with deep analytics. Our longitudinal approach to conducting research ensures that you are aware of employee sentiment now and a quarter from now – or even years down the road – as together we create a more aligned workplace. Contact us now to start making your company a better place to work for all your employees.

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