On the Road to Growth, Don’t Overlook Your Employees

On the Road to Growth, Don’t Overlook Your Employees

In this difficult economy, companies are striving hard to find an edge over the competition and increase sales. A growing number of these companies are finding that one strategy in particular improves performance – keeping employees happy and engaged!

Creating a fun, fulfilling and engaging workplace has been a growing trend among businesses for the past 25 years. Research has proven that organizations that keep an eye on employee satisfaction and engagement have higher sales, lower turnover rates, and annualized stock market returns three times better than their peers.

High performing companies are often praised for unique benefit offerings or programs that keep employees engaged, but there is no single secret to this success. However, one of the keys to a great work environment is very often trust – both between employees and in the decisions made by management. Great work environments also have high-quality relationships, fostered by the careful work of management. That involves getting to know individual employees to better understand how they work and how to manage them individually. Organizations that keep employees informed on decision-making, give regular feedback, and acknowledge them for their achievements are more likely to build pride and camaraderie, which lead to more productivity in the workplace. For large corporations, it’s impossible to know what all of your employees are thinking. NBRI solves this problem with employee engagement surveys that are distributed to your entire workforce.

The companies that made the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” list had a turnover rate 50% lower than their peers, and those scoring higher on employee surveys conducted by the institute enjoyed much higher annual profits. NBRI suggests conducting baseline research of employees to gauge trust in the company, enthusiasm for their jobs, and multiple other dynamics. Ongoing engagement surveys are then deployed to identify the areas where post-survey action plans have had a positive effect and those areas requiring additional attention.

Most companies find that as employees become more engaged, customer relations improve, too. By soliciting more employee input into company decisions – by holding town hall meetings or regularly distributing employee newsletters – companies find that employees are more enthusiastic about their jobs and share that enthusiasm with their families, communities, and clients. Don’t just take stabs in the dark, survey your employees and find out where and how your company needs improvement as benchmarked against your industry competitors. We’ve conducted employee engagement surveys for some of the largest corporations in the world, with great success. Stop guessing about what your employees are thinking and find out for certain. We’d be happy to discuss how an engagement survey can help your company. Give us a call at 800-756-6168 and make sure to subscribe to our blog to get the latest on how you can grow your business.