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Are Your Employees Engaged at Work?

One of the keys to an efficient and profitable business is engaged employees. Highly engaged employees dedicate more time and creativity to their job as well as completing tasks more quickly and efficiently. Engaged employees are more willing to give their employers the highest quality work they are capable of producing and are more invested in providing excellent customer service. On the other hand, employees that aren’t engaged surf the net and day dream. Smart business leaders continually monitor and periodically measure their employees’ level of engagement! The most popular measurement tool is an employee engagement survey. Employee engagement surveys provide insight into the thinking of your employee population and highlight those areas that are in need of improvement.

If you are a business leader charged with identifying and addressing employee concerns, an employee engagement survey will plug you into your employees’ collective attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. Some examples of the use of employee survey research include: discovering the cause of high employee turnover, determining the reasons for larger than expected numbers of customer complaints, and discovering why a business experiences low employee turnover or consistently receives great customer feedback in order to maintain that high level of employee engagement.

It is a common mistake for leaders to believe that their employees are happy and engaged when, in fact, there are serious employee issues brewing. Identifying potential issues before they become company-wide problems saves businesses the costs of losing both employees and customers. Many employees who have legitimate concerns do not feel comfortable expressing them to their supervisors or the management teams at their companies. As all well-designed engagement surveys should be anonymous and confidential, they offer employees a safe space to express their impressions of a business and offer suggestions for improvement without feeling threatened or awkward. Understanding employee needs and fostering engagement is an essential step in any business plan.

The simple act of showing employees that their opinions are valued by deploying an employee survey can positively impact engagement and their desire to support company goals. Addressing shortcomings in employee engagement can improve the overall atmosphere of a workplace. The most powerful advocates for your company are your employees! Make sure they feel supported and engaged. They will in turn provide world-class customer service and enhance the public image of their employer.

Business executives understand their companies’ missions, goals, and growth objectives. However, they are generally not experienced in creating employee surveys or conducting engagement research. Survey research is a science that takes years to master. NBRI provides business executives with powerful information from an employee engagement survey. If you’d like to learn more about how NBRI can help you take your business to the next level, contact us at 800-756-6168, or simply fill out the form to the right. We’re committed to delivering the best information possible to our readers; make sure you subscribe to our blog to get the latest.

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