Survey Says: ClearPath Analytics Decreases Employee Turnover Rates

Survey Says: ClearPath Analytics Decreases Employee Turnover Rates

You know you need to conduct employee surveys to obtain the information you need to keep your employees happy and decrease turnover. But it doesn’t stop there. You will be missing out on the key information you need to make real changes if you don’t have your employee survey properly analyzed. ClearPath Analytics takes your employee surveys to the next level. Surveys are evaluated to determine what makes your employees tick. When your assessment is complete, you will have invaluable insights into the perceptions, wants and needs of your employees. This information will further empower you to retain your top-performers.

ClearPath Analytics gives you targeted information specific to your situation, but here are five common reasons employees report leaving their job for another opportunity:

They Don’t Like Their Boss

Managers and supervisors have a huge impact on employee retention. They have the power to make their employees’ work lives exceptional or miserable. It is important that managers take the time to get to know their employees and treat them with respect.

They Don’t Like Their Co-workers

If you don’t realize there is a problem, you can’t fix it. With the help of employee surveys, managers may be surprised to learn that there is animosity among some employees. With this information, managers can rework the schedule or rearrange desks to stave off as much of this conflict as possible.

They Are Not Challenged

This is a big one, and you may never think to evaluate it. People don’t like to be bored at work; they want to be challenged. Knowing how your employees want to be challenged will help you tailor tasks to make them happier and more productive. Luckily, once you know about this problem, it’s an easy fix.

They Don’t Get Recognition

Again, this is an easy problem to rectify if you know that it exists. Employees want to know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and sometimes a little acknowledgement is all it takes. Plus, when you start giving out kudos to your employees, they will work even harder to earn more.

They Don’t Feel Like Their Compensation is Fair

When employees feel they are underpaid, they are going to seek out other opportunities that will pay them more. This could cause you to lose one of your best employees. If only you knew that they thought they were underpaid before it was too late. You could have discovered this information and made the appropriate changes with the help of an employee survey.

Employee surveys help you get to the root of most workplace issues. Surveys help you create the ideal environment for your employees so that they work hard to build a career with your company.

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