Employee Engagement Surveys – Your Secret Weapon for Success

Employee Engagement Surveys – Your Secret Weapon for Success

Many times, employees won’t air their complaints, grievances, or suggestions for improvement. There are several reasons for this, but the reason cited most is fear of reprisal. Some employees may also feel that bosses aren’t going to listen, so there’s no reason to bother providing feedback or constructive comments.  Whatever your culture, nothing should deter you from reaching out for feedback from the members of the organization. Employee engagement surveys are a great way to get honest feedback from employees to improve the business, change the culture, increase productivity, and much more, all while keeping individual responses anonymous.

Anonymous, Candid Responses

When an organization utilizes employee engagement surveys, employees are empowered to provide constructive, honest feedback. Survey responses should be completely anonymous, which allows employees to give honest answers without fear of losing their jobs, a promotion, or another opportunity. Employers can also conduct surveys online or via computer, for instant, real-time results. Employees perceive online surveys to be more secure and anonymous than those on paper. Unlike the cumbersome paper surveys of the past, automated surveys allow a business to get the most valuable information from employees with very little expenditure of time, effort, or money.

Full Customization

An organization can also fully customize Employee Engagement Surveys to meet the needs that are specific to their organization. Each organization’s leadership can choose from normalized questions, or write new questions that pertain to the business and the tasks performed by employees. Managers can also allow for multiple choice, multiple selection, single selection, or other forms of questions that result in quantified data, or choose those that require a short essay answer for gathering qualitative data, if preferred. Employees respond best to quantifiable questions that have a rating scale of agreement.  It is also important to keep the questions as straightforward as possible so additional research is not needed to understand the survey data.

Reports, Assessment, and Improvement

Once survey responses are in, managers will need analyses of the aggregate responses from employees. The organization can then use this information to make changes, improve processes, and increase productivity in the workplace. This will raise employee morale, lower employee turnover, and create a better quality of life in the workplace for employees.

Organizations that aren’t yet utilizing Employee Engagement Surveys to measure and manage their climates, cultures, and levels of employee engagement within their organizations are missing out on priceless information. It is recommended that employers conduct these surveys at least once per year; once per quarter is even more effective for larger populations. For more information on how to read the minds of your employees through survey research, employers should contact NBRI today. NBRI provides turnkey research assistance for conducting Employee Engagement Surveys, from recommending which questions to ask your employees to recommending the specific steps indicated by your data that will improve your organization the greatest amount in the shortest amount of time.

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