How to Turn Customer Survey Results into Action Plans

How to Turn Customer Survey Results into Action Plans

Customer surveys offer companies unique insights into customer satisfaction and how to improve the customer experience. However, conducting the customer research is only the first step to improving your company. Once the research results are in, business leaders must analyze the results and then implement an action plan to effect change. Action plans developed from customer surveys are critical to help the organization move forward and take advantage of the insight the research offers. Here is how companies develop their action plans.

Understand the customer experience from the perspective of your customers

It is common for companies and customers to have different perceptions of the customer experience. For example, one company might focus so much on lowering their prices that they end up neglecting the training of their sales force, resulting in poor customer service. These companies might not realize that as many as 55 percent of customers would pay more for better service and that poor treatment is one of the major drivers behind customer churn.

Document the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience from the company’s perspective and compare your beliefs with what customers have said in the customer surveys. This will offer key insights into potential gaps.

Determine the root causes of the gaps

Once the gaps have been identified, deep analytics are required to determine the root causes that will become the action items.

It is important not to get overly ambitious when developing your action plan. Organizations, especially larger ones, tend to struggle with change. If there are many areas that need to be amended to help customers, prioritize a few key root causes that will make the biggest difference to customers and then work down the list.

Develop an implementation plan

Once the areas that need improvement have been identified, organizations should then take the steps to implement the necessary changes. Outline the ideal customer experience once the changes have been put in place. This will be a reference point to make sure the goals are being accomplished. Communicate what the company hopes to accomplish with the upcoming changes to all employees to encourage enthusiasm about the process.

Follow the three steps above to go from a customer survey to successful organizational change in the shortest time possible. Then, re-measure by conducting customer surveys at regular intervals to revise and improve your action plans for maximum impact.

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