The Secret to Getting a High Response Rate on Your Customer Survey

The Secret to Getting a High Response Rate on Your Customer Survey

Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of success for any business. When customers are dissatisfied, they will let their friends and family know, but often not the business. Also, when they are happy, they are more likely to keep that information to themselves unless the business takes the time to ask by conducting a customer survey.

Finding the Right Approach

Presenting your customers with a customer satisfaction survey can be a delicate operation. Many people are eager for an invitation to offer their opinion, but some are not. Some may think that customer surveys are a waste of their time. This attitude is far less prevalent when customers are able to complete surveys in a way that is most convenient for them. The way a survey is distributed can make a big difference. Customers like having a choice when they agree to provide information. For some, answering a few questions online is the easiest way for them to squeeze a little feedback into their day. For others, a few questions over the phone is the preferred method for communicating their opinion. In addition to offering multiple ways to complete a survey, customers must also be able to participate in a language that is most comfortable for them.

A survey that isn’t properly administered or doesn’t provide the actionable information you need is worthless. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a company that can properly handle the development and distribution of your business-to-business and business-to-customer surveys, including customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys identify how content your customers are with the products and/or services you provide. The information learned from these surveys helps your company address concerns and satisfy even more customers.

Asking the Right Questions

The biggest complaints about customer surveys come when the surveys are long and complicated. Taking a survey should not take more than a few minutes, and it should not require the customer to think too hard. The best customer satisfaction surveys contain 15 to 30 scaled questions. Shorter surveys get a much higher response rate than longer surveys. The surveys should also be developed by psychologists who use extensive research to determine just the right questions to ask. These questions are designed to quickly obtain the information needed to improve business practices and provide the level of service that results in customer retention.

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