How is NBRI different from Survey Monkey?

NBRI is a full service survey research firm. Survey Monkey is a do it yourself survey meant to save money.

It is easy to underestimate the complexity of conducting a survey and many will try to tackle this type of project without fully understanding what is at stake. There are a number of pitfalls along the way and many will fall victim to some or all of these as they try to deploy a survey using a free online service or completely in-house. Here are some common missteps:

  • All survey questions are not created equal and many who either pull questions from the internet or try writing them find that the questions can be vague, wordy, or introduce bias. Poorly constructed questions equate to confused respondents and unusable data.
  • When a survey is conducted internally, confidentiality and anonymity are compromised. By allowing a third party to conduct your survey, respondents will be more comfortable opening up and providing candid feedback.
  • Low response rates brought on by lack of confidentiality and question confusion lead to another issue – lack of validity. Without enough responses, the data will not be a representative sample of the population. You can avoid a significant amount of C-level heartburn and wasted resources by making decisions only on pure, valid data.
  • Maybe you’ve avoided these pitfalls and you’ve gathered data in which you are confident. What do you do with it?  How do you interpret it?  It is unlikely that you will have benchmarking data available to make the data meaningful. And, how do you analyze the data?  How do you determine what you will work on after the survey?
  • And, once you’ve finally determined what to work on, how will you work on it?  Do you have best practices in place for action planning?  Or, do you need assistance to help ensure that the data is acted upon in an efficient, thoughtful, and proven way?

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