What is validity and why is it important for survey results?

There are many different types of Survey Validity, such as construct validity, convergent validity, and content validity. Validity is important because it determines what survey questions to use, and helps ensure that researchers are using questions that truly measure the issues of importance. The validity of a survey is considered to be the degree to which it measures what it claims to measure. You should employ the highest standards of scientific research to ensure that your survey results are valid. Through uncompromising adherence to scientific research principles, you eliminate all known sources of error, including but not limited to, the biases and artificial skewing of the data typically found in the areas of:

  • Survey question wording
  • Order of survey questions
  • Grouping of survey questions
  • Survey instructions
  • Scale
  • Data collection procedures
  • Statistical analyses
  • Reporting

In all scientific research, the possibility for some error exists, which cannot be totally removed. Achieving a 95% Confidence Level and 5% Sampling Error for every segregation of the data will ensure that the research study is a valid reflection of respondent perceptions.