What factors should I consider when developing a customer service survey?

One of the first things to consider when developing a customer service survey is what you will do with the data when you collect it. Each question should have a purpose, and this purpose should link specifically to measuring or monitoring overall levels of service and/or guiding the organization’s direction and future growth.

Unclear questions can create confusion and inflate customer expectations about what existing product offerings should be. For example, asking if a client would be interested in a specific service if the “price was decreased by 20%,” may lead customers to believe that price decreases are on the immediate horizon. Failure to decrease prices can then create frustration, disappointment, or alienation of existing clients.

Thus, one of the first things to consider when developing a Customer Service Survey is whether you will be able to take reasonable action based on the feedback received from the survey. The second most important element to consider is how your performance compares to that of other organizations in your industry. This is called benchmarking. By understanding your relative position to others, you will be able to evaluate your competitive position and develop a strategy to highlight points of differentiation to your customer base.