I’m trying to put together a customer survey. What kinds of customer survey questions should I use?

Customer surveys should evaluate all points of contact between the customer and the organization. It should also evaluate several components of the product/service experience. Are products a good value, were they delivered rapidly?  How about customer service representatives?  Were they friendly?  Knowledgeable?  Every element of customer service should be assessed, with one caveat:  the company must be in a position to change or address any customer concerns that emerge in the survey.

One of the most important things to consider for customer survey questions is that these questions are crisply and cleanly written. This means that language should be succinct and clear. Since the customer is doing us a favor by answering our survey, we need to be certain the entire process is as painless for them as possible. We can do this by ensuring the questionnaire is not needlessly wordy or convoluted. In addition to forming a very crisp and concise survey, we should ensure it is administered in a way that is as convenient for the respondent as possible.