How often should I conduct survey research? I have a fairly large population I would like to survey. What should I do?

When it comes to conducting survey research, you might think the more frequently you collect data, the better. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Surveying a group repeatedly at close intervals can lead to survey fatigue, where respondents become disinterested, or even actively annoyed, with the request to complete a survey. However, it is important that you are gathering information frequently enough to ensure you are monitoring change over time. If you want to improve on any level, it is critical to continually monitor performance to ensure the changes you have made are only positive ones. How can you conduct this type of research without pestering respondents?

A stratified random sample is the solution to these issues and ensures the resulting research is valid. A stratified random sample can sort respondents according to specific demographics or characteristics. Within each specific demographic or category, a random group is sampled. Sampling in this way ensures statistical validity is achieved while simultaneously ensuring that specific groups are not over sampled.