How do NBRI’s employee engagement surveys differ from others?

The team at NBRI consists of research experts with Ph.D.’s in psychology that have extensive training and experience in the design and interpretation of employee engagement surveys.

NBRI knows how to structure questions to ensure unbiased responses and how to order the questions so that the first questions don’t affect responses to later questions. We also understand the best methods for deploying an employee engagement survey based on the composition and location of your workforce, and we provide actionable insights from the results.

NBRI has worked with thousands of companies on surveys, but we consider ourselves more than a survey research firm. We are active partners with all of our clients. We provide scientific research, guidance and advice to help you improve your financial performance.

Many free or inexpensive web survey tools claim to provide help in structuring survey questions and interpreting the results, but they have neither the expertise nor scientific methodology to ensure you find the insight you need to improve your business when you conduct an employee engagement survey.