How can NBRI help me deploy a customer survey that will increase my bottom line profits?

The most important aspect of a customer survey is its design. You want to be certain that the questions, the scale, and other factors don’t bias the respondent toward positive or negative responses. For example, the typical response scale used by people who don’t understand survey design is “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.” The problem with this scale is that more than half the answers are positive, and a fourth is neutral, so customers who respond are likely to answer more positively than they would with a more balanced scale.

If poor survey design skews the information you receive from the survey, you will not gain accurate insight into the actions that delight your customers. By working with NBRI, you can ensure that your customer survey returns accurate insight into actions and processes that make a difference to customers. Happy customers place larger orders more frequently, so keeping customers happy pays off. In fact, increasing customer retention by even a few percentage points can pay off in big revenue gains.