What insights does NBRI provide from the results of my customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction survey conducted with NBRI’s expert team helps identify those aspects of your products and services that customers value the most. It may also identify problems with your website or business processes that make it difficult or impossible for customers to do business with you. It may pinpoint areas of your product collateral or documentation that customers find confusing or unhelpful, and it may tell you if your support team is as helpful as customers expect.

Because the insight from an NBRI customer satisfaction survey uses a carefully designed survey instrument interpreted by a team with Ph.Ds. in psychology, you know the results are accurate and actionable. In addition, you will receive benchmarks of your performance against similar companies, so you know if you are ahead or behind your competitors in providing customer satisfaction.

While it is possible to conduct a survey inexpensively using online tools, to be truly insightful a customer satisfaction survey must follow best practice research techniques and be interpreted by knowledgeable people. That is the NBRI difference.