What types of insights will I gain from customer surveys?

With a properly designed and interpreted customer survey, you will gain insight into key drivers of the customer’s buying behavior. This insight helps you to understand the problem the customer is trying to resolve and why they selected your product or brand over a competitors’ brand.

A customer survey can also help you to pinpoint problems with your business processes or with employee training. If the customer survey shows that customers consistently get stuck at a particular step or have trouble navigating your website, you can take immediate action to improve the process. If customers complain that employees don’t know product details, you can take steps to improve the quality or frequency of your employee training.

You may also learn what features or enhancements customers want most from a customer survey. This information is extremely valuable for your R&D team and can help you be first to market with desirable features. A customer survey may also tell you how customers are actually using your product, which may open up an entirely new market for you. A well-designed and properly executed customer survey provides a wealth of insight about nearly every aspect of your business.