How can survey research results be reported?

At the end of the study or at various intervals for ongoing studies, it is important to receive data that is easily understood by managers, and it is also important that they not be overwhelmed with the amount of data they receive.

Data reports may then be produced which display overall results for each topic and survey question and/or at specific reporting levels. In this way, senior management may review all results in a single report, while managers receive a report, which compares only their results with the organization as a whole. Everyone using the reports should receive training on reading and interpreting the reports.

The usefulness and effectiveness of any survey research study hinges, in part, upon the clarity of the data presentation. Receiving dynamic and meaningful feedback that clearly presents the information needed to formulate action plans will allow the organization to develop new levels of growth and prosperity.

In addition to data reports, you may have comment report(s) to relay responses to open-ended questions on the survey or a raw data file of survey responses. Accompanying these reports may also be an Executive Summary.