Survey Deployment

We offer online, telephone, and paper surveys.

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Each has its benefits and shortcomings, and it may be that a combination of two or all three of these methodologies is necessary to gather the amount of information needed for sound decision-making.

Employee Surveys typically utilize a preponderance of online surveying with or without paper surveys. Because of the proximity of employees to one another, it is usually important that all employees be invited to participate in the feedback process, so the additional expense of paper surveys is warranted, if required. In very large companies, sampling may be used successfully, eliminating the need to survey all employees at once, but in smaller companies, ill will may occur if all employees are not included in the process.

Customer Surveys and Market Research Surveys are most economically accomplished with online surveys. The need for paper or telephone surveys can be eliminated altogether with proper sampling techniques. However, some organizations find that important demographic groups are discounted or ignored when online surveying alone is chosen, and other organizations only have physical addresses or telephone numbers for their customers.

The response rates for employee feedback do not differ by methodology: one can expect an 80% to 95% response rate whether paper or online or a combination of both when NBRI Best Practices are followed.

The response rates for customer feedback differ greatly by methodology: one can expect a 10-15% response rate by paper, 25-35% by online, and 15-40% by telephone.

Each study is unique with requirements specific to its target population of respondents. NBRI consults throughout the entire survey process to ensure the quality and success of each study.

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