Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are used when a very high response rate is required or when other means of reaching the audience are not possible. For instance, when employees are no longer with the organization (Exit Interviews) and therefore have no company email address, it is often the case that home or personal cell phone numbers prove valuable.  Because employees often move their residence upon voluntary or involuntary termination, yet take their cell phones with them, paper surveys are far less effective than telephone surveys.

NBRI telephone surveys are always conducted by professional, full-time interviewers employed by NBRI.  NBRI does not use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) computerized telephone surveying because of its highly irritating effect on respondents.  Although IVR is less expensive than professionals, the call-rejection rates and low data quality render it worse than useless – it often infuriates valuable customers and stakeholders, and all for the sake of gathering invalid, poor quality data.

NBRI professional interviewers obtain high-quality data for clients.  With the ability to hear tone, inflection, record comments and dig deeper, NBRI professional interviewers obtain keen insights into human behavior that is simply impossible with IVR.  A variety of languages are available for telephone deployments to any time zone in the world.  NBRI telephone surveys may be combined with online surveys and/or paper surveys as required.