Survey Reports

NBRI offers a variety of report formats that tell the story of your data.

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Data Reports provide a descriptive overview of survey results.

Comment Reports consist of verbatim responses to open-ended survey questions.

Text Analytics Reports are generated using artificial neural networking and managed machine learning to extract the most meaningful information from responses to open-ended questions.

Executive Summaries present the most important results, provide a clear path for fast, decisive action, and include ClearPath Analytics.

NBRI also offers each client a Results Presentation. Led by an NBRI organizational psychologist, this informative presentation is tailored for senior management, and reviews the Data Reports, Comment Reports, Text Analytics Reports, Executive Summary, and NBRI’s ClearPath Action process, which utilizes best practices for acting upon survey results.

NBRI also offers Train-the-trainer webinars to assist HR Departments with rolling out employee survey results and sales/marketing with rolling out customer survey or market research results.

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