Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is written by each Client’s own NBRI Organizational Psychologist, and includes:

  • A brief methodological overview of the study including how the research instrument was developed and when and how the survey was deployed so that the study can be replicated in the future;
  • A review of the relative performance of the demographic groups indicating performance differences between company functions, locations, business units, divisions, departments, and other demographics of interest;
  • Total Company and demographic group performance relative to the Client’s Industry using ClearPath Benchmarking;
  • Topic and Item scores discussion arranged by Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats (SWOT Analysis);
  • ClearPath Analytics, including the root causes of the respondents’ behavior;
  • ClearPath Action, including each step to be taken to improve the root causes;
  • ClearPath Financial, including ROI.

The Executive Summary presents the most important results, and provides a Clear Path for fast, decisive action.