Survey Results Presentations

Survey Results AnalyticsNBRI normally provides each Client with a Research Results Webinar. This informative session is tailored for Senior Management, and reviews Data Reports, Comment Reports, the Executive Summary, and NBRI’s ClearPath Action process, which utilizes Best Practices for acting upon survey results.

Additional Results Webinars may be provided to Middle Managers and Employees, upon request. NBRI also provides Train the Trainer webinars so that the Human Resource Department can roll out Employee Survey Results to all, or the Sales and Marketing Department can roll out Customer or Market Research Results to others.

When presented remotely, a Client’s Results Presentation is conducted by their NBRI Organizational Psychologist or Research Consultant via webinar.  The Reports and Executive Summary are reviewed in detail, and questions from the audience are encouraged throughout.  At the end of the presentation, Clients understand their high and low scoring areas, the root causes of the population’s behavior, the specific actions that are being taken to improve the root causes, and what will happen next.

When presented onsite, a Client’s Results Presentation may be conducted by their NBRI Organizational Psychologist or Research Consultant, or by special request, an NBRI Executive may present the results.  NBRI Executives are pleased to be invited to Client sites to meet the Senior Executives of Client organizations and present the results of the study(ies) to them.