Survey Design

The first and most important step in any research study is the development of the Question Database. There is no doubt that the phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ was coined for just such an application!

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NBRI clients are interviewed as to their reasons for conducting the research and their goals for the study. The process of selecting survey questions can then take several forms, as some new clients have previous questions they would like NBRI to review so that they may continue using them in whole or part to preserve historical data. Some clients have never surveyed before and are beginning ‘from scratch,’ while others have a very particular focus for their survey, such as Corporate Values, and are not interested in broader feedback. Client input is used by the NBRI Organizational Psychologist to modify a robust question database of the most common issues facing all employee, customer, or market populations, and this is provided as a starting point in developing each custom question database.

The initial Question Database proposed by NBRI will typically also include questions that are prescribed by Best Practices in Organizational Development. For employee surveys, these questions pertain to Management Style, Communications, and Engagement. For customer surveys, Intent to Return, Customer Satisfaction, and Products and Services questions are recommended. In addition to being prescribed by Best Practices, some of these questions collect data needed to conduct inferential statistical analyses that provide clients with the shortest route to the most important improvements for the financial success of their organization. Each Question Database continues to be worked by the Client and their NBRI Organizational Psychologist, until both are confident that the survey will obtain the information needed to accomplish the goals of the study.

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