Open-Ended Questions

Open-Ended Questions

Some clients want to ask one or more general, open-ended questions at the end of their survey. This can prove beneficial, especially when management drives the content of the survey without employee and/or customer input to the content.

Sometimes entire topics have been omitted from the survey that should have been included, and then, when the survey is over, there is no way of quantifying the comments received. Still, this qualitative data can and should be used to improve future surveys.

When NBRI collects your survey data, comments from open-ended questions are presented verbatim in survey comment reports by key phrases and department codes.

Text analytics reports generated using artificial neural networking and managed machine learning to extract the most meaningful information from the responses to the open-ended questions are also available. These responses undergo sentiment and word frequency analysis to identify the highest impact themes, and determine the ratios of positive, negative, and neutral/mixed comments for each theme. In combination with the Comment Reports, this analysis provides color and context to the hard data of the quantitative analyses presented in the Data Reports and Executive Summary.

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